DJ CP, born as Jose Marquez, is a renowned music artist who has established himself as a prominent DJ and music director in the entertainment industry. He began his journey at a very young age, exploring various genres of music and honing his skills in DJing. CP’s passion for music led him to work at several clubs and venues, where he developed his signature style of blending different music genres.

CP’s dedication and hard work soon paid off when he got his big break working as a special event DJ for the Miami Marlins. He quickly became a fan favorite, and his music sets helped create a lively and energetic atmosphere at the Marlins’ games. It was during one of Derek Jeter’s private VIP parties that CP’s talent caught his attention, and he was made the official DJ for the Miami Marlins.

Since then, CP has been a constant presence at all 82 home games, delivering amazing music sets that keep the fans engaged and entertained. He has also been the driving force behind over 15 post-game concerts that have drawn huge crowds to the Marlins’ stadium. His musical expertise and stage presence have made him a sought-after artist, and was selected in 2023 as the official DJ and music director for the World Baseball Classic and Serial de Caribe.

CP’s success in the entertainment industry has not been limited to sports events. He continues to play at several high-end venues in South Florida, where he showcases his diverse range of music styles and his ability to keep the crowd on their feet. With his immense talent and hard work, DJ CP has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of music and entertainment, and he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.